Bentonville TMJ Treatment

Relax and Find Your Natural Bite

With the latest knowledge and advanced technology, dentists can diagnose and treat this disorder, Dr. Rob Adair is passionate about properly evaluating and treating TMD and Malocclusion so that you can remain pain and symptom free. Many doctors and specialists refer patients to Dr. Adair, a TMJD-trained specialist. He provides a variety of TMD treatments, depending on the patient and condition. The treatment may begin with an oral appliance for jaw re-positioners (called a Bruxingoral appliance or TMJ guard), similar to a mouth guard, custom made to hold the jaw in proper position and stop the habitual teeth clenching and grinding.


Clenched teeth, headaches, pain in our jaw or neck, trouble opening your mouth — these can all be symptoms of TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder. TMJ has a variety of causes, including genetics, trauma, or illness. Whatever the cause, issues with the joint located in front of your ear can cause a range of problems from pain and popping sounds in your jaw to headaches to ringing in your ears.

TMJ can also leave you with a bite that’s out of alignment, also known as occlusal disease. Dr. Adair can help remedy this often painful problem, restoring full range of jaw motion to help minimize or eliminate pain altogether. Both dentists have advanced training from The Pankey Institute to give you the highest level of care. Watch this video to learn more about occlusal disease.

Adair Dental Arts uses BiteFX to help us explain issues surrounding bite problems and TMJ efficiently and effectively. We use centric relation techniques to find the most relaxed and natural position for your jaw. We can also prescribe a custom-made appliance similar to a mouthguard to give you relief from your TMJ and help get your bite back to normal.

Thanks to our expertise in correcting bite issues and TMJ, you’ll be able to open wide to devour your favorite double-decker sandwich in no time.


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